" Гостиница для кошек в Москве. Гостиница для животных.Передержка кошек. Первая специализированная гостиница для кошек.
гостиница для кошек Cat's Dream Hotel
гостиница для кошек Cat's Dream Hotel
гостиница для кошек Cat's Dream Hotel

internet:  www.cat-hotel.ru  
tel.:    +7(095)960-66-63
         +7(903)206-90-80 (English)

   Cat's Dream Hotel - only for Cats.

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    "Cat's Dream Hotel" - is the first special-purpose cat hotel in Moscow. Our pets often need the same as we need: caress, kindness and attentiveness. In our hotel they will find all the necessary conditions for valuable rest for your cat. The individual approach to every cat and kitten guarantees the high standards of cat's care.
    Distinguishing feature of our hotel is its cat's specialization . Unlike many "universal" pets' hotels, where at the same premises there can be kept not only the cats, but also the dogs; we aim at psychological and emotional rest for our small clients. In our place dog's smell won't cause any permanent psychological stress among cats and they will feel themselves at home.
    Hygiene in our hotel takes first place and is considered as a foreground task. In accordance with that characteristic we have no equal in the market. Clearness of the air, in the rooms of our hotel, has as low content of microbes as in a hospitals' operating-rooms. After each cat, the room is thoroughly disinfected. The guests of professional rooms are provided with disposable (single-use) cat's houses, rugs and toys. We also use the single-sweep plates for feeding.
    All the clients of our hotel receive a maximum comfort:
         - individual warm rooms;
         - possibility to select the most appropriate food allowance
         - special rooms planning
         - careful care and concern
         - transfer to the hotel and back
         - many additional options….

гостиница для кошек Cat's Dream Hotel

Cat hotel in Moscow "Cat's Dream Hotel"

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